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We are in this Service Industry for more than 10 years. We’ve worked with Home Users, Small and Medium Business owners, and also with Large Enterprises. Apart from this, we have worked with a lot of IT Consultants who are providing direct support for Home or Small Business Users. Our company has successfully able to reduce IT cost for various companies because of the rates we are able to offer.



The Technocrat

I have been very curious since my child hood, have always tried to find reasons for everything which happens around me. I work on computers by profession but at my heart I am an automobile enthusiast. I believe whatever the technology is weather MS servers or Network switches, everything works on very basic logic, I mean if you complete a circuit the bulb with lit up. With this exact approach I approach all the issues and fix them.

Formal Education

Bachelor in computer Science
Master of Business administration


MCSA Messaging Exchange 2010/2013
MCSE Windows Server 2003
IBM certified IT specialist
ITIL certified

Past Experiences

Worked with Microsoft Support team for over 5 years. I started my career as a Desktop Support Engineer with Windows XP and Windows 98/Me then progressed to Enterprise Support Team. During my tenor I worked with various teams including Microsoft Exchange, Directory Services, Small Business Server, Microsoft Network Team etc. This was the foundation of all the knowledge I and in fact our company has today. We try to incorporate the same training formats and knowledge sessions which I got then during our training sessions.

I left Microsoft as a Technical Lead for Directory Services Team and joined IBM, handling the biggest possible client in India including cellular network giants like Airtel, Vodafone and many small portfolio accounts like Jet Airways, Tata Motors etc. Working with IBM I got opportunity to maintain infrastructures with multiple forest, multiple domains and numerous servers.

After working for over 8 years with these biggies we decided to start Pledge Tech in 2009. Since then we have worked with numerous small businesses in US and UK either directly or we provide support to local consultants, overall the journey has been rewarding. I would like to conclude my introduction with the following saying which I completely believe and live by.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln




Rishi Chaudhary

Rishi Chaudhary



The Maverick

I am quick thinker and love to talk with people, rather I feel people love talking to me more. I adore my computer and passionate to own the latest and best technology even when I do not need it. A geek from birth and technology enthusiast, I love reading and watching Tech and Science stuff. Always ready for a new challange.


Bachelors of Computer Application

Master in Computer Applications


MCSE – Messaging 2013

MCSA – Server 2012


I started my career with IBM Daksh, and worked as a Support Engineer for a UK based ISP process. Providing Support to Home User with their Internet related issues with an Experience. No Remote Access, No Screen Sharing. You just have to walk through the issues with the Customer, explain them what they need to do in the easiest possible way, and get their issues resolved. One very important think I learned from this job is “Patience”. Working with Home User, who are not at all Technical, You need patience to explain the issue and resolve it.

Being a Technical person, I always looked for more challenging issues. However working with ISP, I wasn’t getting that opportunity. Hence, I joined Microsoft Support Team as a Support Engineer, and provided technical assistance to Microsoft Enterprise Customers. Within a year, promoted to Senior Support Engineer. While working with Microsoft Support Team, worked on issues which were considered as Hardcore Technical. We often need to co-ordinate with different specialties like Networking, Performance, Setup, Exchange, or SBS Team to resolve issue, and learned a lot from it. After spending around 20 Months with Microsoft Support, felt that I’m still not getting what I need. I always wanted more of and from Technology.

That was the time when a decision is made and we put a foundation to start Pledge Technologies. Since 2009, I’m a part of Pledge Technologies, and here I got what I needed, exposure to things I always wanted to work on. Proving Support to Non-Technical users is still something that I enjoy. At the same time working on latest technologies, its planning, implementation, configuration etc. Now, we Work with both UK and US based Small & Medium Business, directly with Clients and Local IT Consultants, and Home Users as well. With Pledge Technologies, it’s a dream come true.