So, I recently bought a new Asus Zenfone 2 laser 16GB. Phone is great with amazing features in an affordable price. Love its touch and sound quality. transferred all my data and was having fun with it. Now when you have a phone that can support full HD movies its obvious you will play along it.

So, I tried to copy a movie in my phone and it failed, tried again and it failed again. I checked memory card status and found I have 16 GB of memory free then how come I cannot copy 4.5 GB movie in it. So I pulled out my memory card and connected it to my system, noticed it was in FAT format. now obviously FAT cannot support a file size more than 4GB. So I format my memory card in NTFS format, now I tried to copied files in card and I knew it wouldn’t be an issue now. So, copying files completed, movies of size 4.5 GB copied, all happy.

Now it was time to insert memory card back in mobile and enjoy movies. To my surprise, the phone gave message that memory card inserted is blank. I thought I didn’t inserted it properly, so I pulled it out and inserted it again, and the same message was displayed again. That seems bit odd, so surfed internet and found that Asus does not support NTFS format. Now thats a bummer.

Almost every phone support NTFS but not my ASUS. So, left with no other option, just pulled my memory card out to see what other fomat options I was left with. Well good news was, I could format it in exFAT, which can support file size of  16 ExaByte. now that was a relief. So again memory card was formatted in exFAT format and again movies were transfered. But still the main part was left, the part where my phone accepts memory card and plays my movies. So plugged in memory card, and yes, it accepts. I have to admit picture quality is great. So the bottom line is, if you have an Asus and you need to run files more that 4 GB, just format the memory card in exFAT format and you can use those files easily. For more such updates, follow us. Thanks, 🙂

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