Recently a Client reported that he was unable to access his website, We were able to ping the website but if  we  nslookup the same name it gives the error as shown in the screenshot.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.15.10 am


It looked like the DNS wasn’t responding in that case the ping should also fail with destination not found error, but that wasn’t happening.  In any case we restarted the DNS server and DNS client service on the server ( this was the domain controller so had DNS installed on itself) but still the nslookup failed to resolve the name of the site.

Interesting thing to note is that now we were able to open the website as well on the server but the nslookup was still failing.

After having no progress in this troubleshooting, I thought about using some other tool, so I tried Port Query from the same server. I tried to reach google through it and surprisingly it was responding.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.18.34 am


This step cleared explains that the server is able to resolve the names just fine ( as Portqry will also use the DNS server listed on this server to resolve the names) and its just the nslookup which is not able to resolve the names to IP.

We concluded that nslookup on Server 2012 or probably just this server was buggy and the purpose to write this article was also to suggest not to entirely depend on nslookup on windows server.  Hope this information helps many of you out there.

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