Nexus 6– One of the most popular handset launched by Google is suffering from a lot of user’s complaints.

Checkout the Photo of the phone after battery exploded

Checkout the Photo of the phone after battery exploded

Earlier people were just complaining about its battery swelling up and that swelling leading to opening of the rear cover.

But now it is proved that it just doesn’t swell up but can explode as well.

Monica Jasuja from India reported that Nexus 6 blew up making phone totally unusable. Photographs of her Nexus 6 was also posted on her Twitter account that shows the damage. The point need to be noted here is that as per Monica, the phone was neither being charged nor being used. It was just lying around unused.

Battery Swell up

Battery Swell up

Motorola, manufacturer of Nexus 6 for Google, has also acknowledged the issue and has said that a lot of complaints has come across from number of users, reporting the same issue and is offering a replacement to the affected users.

Nexus 6 has been short in market due to limited units, one can also say that Google and Motorola are working on this manufacturer’s defect before increasing the Production.

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