wordpress websiteWordPress is a powerful tool to build amazing websites and it’s not only limited to blogs, with the host of themes and amazing plugins available. One can build pretty much any website off WordPress. I decided to start Grishbi quite some years back and was always taken back by the complexity of making a website until I learnt about WordPress.

The first task about to setup my website was to find a suitable host. I researched a lot on the available options like GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator and I finally ended up with SiteGround. I chose SiteGround after considering the following factors.

Performance-GraphPerformance: I am a huge Fan of GoDaddy and all my Domains and SSL are bought from them. When I compared their hosting performance with others, I did find them quite down the list. SiteGround and HostGator were among the top contender but some of our clients recently had some CPU performance issue with HostGator, so I chose SiteGround.

wordpress support WordPress Support: GoDaddy is excellent with support of their own products like Domains and SSL certificates and also so they were ready to provide support about hosting as whole but not specifically about WordPress, which was definitely one of the requirement then. I spoke to SiteGround team and they were very helpful (though they also didn’t know all) but they definitely put efforts to answer my questions.

WordPress cost Price:  When we start something new, we always want to keep the initial investment low. SiteGround offered me one of the best hosting prices then. Probably the difference was in range of 50 cents here and there between the competitors but with Monthly billing even 50 cents become $6 over the year.

SiteGround SiteGround installed WordPress for me quite easily. There support turn around time is really fast. I was able to get started with initial pages of my blog quite quickly but then I started running into different kind of issues and questions like:

1 ) what kind of theme do I need ? should I purchase it or use a free one

2) How to make the menu’s in WordPress ?

3) Whats the difference between a Post and a Page ?

4) Do I need to tag the pages or put them in different categories ?

5) How can I ensure google can see my website and what I do I need to do to ensure good SEO ?

6) There are so many plug-ins for each task, which one should I use ?

7) I need to integrate forum on my website, how should I do that ?

… and many more.

What I am trying to convey is that, I had many questions in my mind and I had to read through pages and pages of support forums to get those questions answered. I did spent quite alot of time before every next step, and unfortunately even SiteGround support cannot answer questions very specific to WordPress, because it’s just not their Job.

I did feel at that time that if I could just call some one or drop an email to some one and can get a direct answer to my question instead of doing hours of research and that’s the whole reason of writing this article. We at Grishbi are more than happy to share our learning with you if you want to start your own website or Blog.

Here is what we can do for you

1) Provide you standard training about SiteGround Cpanel (Control Panel) like how to install WordPress, Drupal , PHPBB on your hosting accounts. Check out various settings like CPU and Disk utilization, Manage your Emails etc.

2) Provide your Standard WordPress training, explaining differences between Post, Pages etc., Why you need to create categories? and How to Create them? What are Tags and Why you need them, and  much more information.

3) Plugins and Widgets: WordPress has numerous Plugins and Widgets available, some are good and some are waste of time. Some are pretty much necessary to every WordPress site and others are optional.  We can help you identify some of the plugins which you must have and impart you with enough knowledge about how to find plugins relevant to your site.

4) And a lot more : Above three doesn’t summarize everything we can help you with and definitely not summaries all the questions which you can possibly have. So we will definitely spare some time to answer the questions which you have and this necessarily doesn’t have to be in one session, get started with the website and ask us when ever you need help.

Free help: Best of all we are offering all the help you need for FREE, given that you sign-up with SiteGround for your web hosting through the following link. This is our affiliate link through which SiteGround offers you its industry best rates and still manages to pass some commission to us. You have nothing to lose here, though you get:

1) Superfast web-hosting at industry best rates.

2) All the technical guidance you need to set up your own website from us.

Please reach back to us if you have any questions, Reach us

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An automobile enthusiast at heart and computer geek by profession, started my Career with MS in 2005.Left Jobs and started Pledge Technologies (the parent company to Grishbi) back in 2009.We have been providing IT consulting to various Small and Medium businesses across US and UK since then.Our company specialises in Microsoft Server technologies like AD, Exchange, the rest and with numerous Office 365 migrations under our belt, we quite an expert with that too. Whatever we learn in our day to day life, we share it back on Grishbi as a Thank for all the love and support our customers have given us.
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