This issue was observed on a clients location when he restarted the server and the DNS Stopped working. Actually the DNS Service did not start. After further troubleshooting, we found that the DNS Service fails to start on Reboot with Event 7023

Environment: Windows Server 2008 R2, with NIC Teaming on HP NICs.

Analysis: During the course of troubleshooting various steps were performed to narrow down what’s causing the issue. We finally found that when the NIC Teaming is enabled, everything works fine. The DNS Service starts normally with no problem. The moment, we break the Teaming and disable the NIC, the DNS Service will not start on Reboot. However, we can restart the service manually.

Log Name: System
Source: Service Control
Manager Event ID: 7023
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Description: The DNS Server service terminated with the following error: The network is not present or not started.

This did not make any sense, so we kept on researching and at one point, we completely removed the Teaming Software, disabled Teaming, and restarted the server. Found all working fine. Well, that was a start, what did we do different this time, only removed the Teaming Software. So we installed it again, and as thought, it Service failed again. Since, the client had no interest in using the Teaming, we removed the software again, and all went well.

Conclusion: The NIC Teaming software was causing some kind of issue. If you are not using the Teaming feature on NIC, you may also consider removing the Software completely.

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