Recently we faced an issue on a Windows 2008 R2 domain controller where it stopped responding to DNS queries over a period of time as a immediate resolution we can reboot the server, it works OK for a few days and then it fails again.

We investigated NETSTAT output on the server, we found that DNS.exe is occupying a lot of ports on the server.

Open command prompt with elevated privileges on the server and execute following command to check the DNS.exe port consumption on the server

Netstat -ano >Output.txt

PS: Netstat output will show you PID not the process name, you will have to match the PID in task manager to find process name.


This is a well-known side effect of the hotfix distributed to address MS08-037, since the hotfix is intended to decrease the predictability of ports used for DNS responses.

You can restrict the amount of ports used by defining a lower Socket Pool Size, as described in this article:

Using dnscmd.exe

  • Open an elevated Command Prompt (Run as Administrator…)
  • Issue dnscmd /Config /SocketPoolSize where is a number between 0 and 10000

Using regedit.exe

  • Open regedit.exe and expand the HKLM hive
  • Navigate to SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\DNS\Parameters
  • If not already present, create a new DWORD value named SocketPoolSize
  • Set a decimal value between 0 and 10000
  • Restart the DNS Server service: net stop dns && net start dns

On a long run, we found issue still re-occured, we were not able to true resolution to the issue, however as a workaround we scheduled the DNS server service on the Server to restart everyday. I will update this article if I we find the resolution to the problem.

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