New-MoveRequest failed with Error MapiExceptioNoAccess

New-MoveRequest failed with Error MapiExceptionNoAccess

It’s not uncommon to run into the mailbox move failure during an exchange migration, We have seen the following error multiple times and its mostly because of not using an appropriate user account for mailbox migration. No, the Built in domain admin account is always not the best account. Quite frankly I am too not sure what groups a user should be a member of to carry on a Move request but fortunately I know how to resolve this issue without going there.

Coming back to the issue , following is the error we are talking about today

Service ‘net.tcp://ex.contoso.local/Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxReplicationService’

encountered an exception.

Error:MapiExceptionNoAccess: Unable to open message store. (hr=0x80070005, ec=-2147024891)

Diagnostic context:

Lid: 18969 EcDoRpcExt2 called [length=165]

Lid: 27161 EcDoRpcExt2 returned [ec=0x80070005][length=194][latency=0]

Lid: 32881 StoreEc: 0x80070005

Lid: 50035

Lid: 64625 StoreEc: 0x80070005

Lid: 1494 —- Remote Context Beg —-

Lid: 26426 ROP: ropLogon [254]

Lid: 56503

Lid: 12716 StoreEc: 0x80070005

Lid: 20794

Lid: 28474 StoreEc: 0x80070005

Lid: 22330 dwParam: 0x0 Msg: 14.01.0438.000:OldExchangeServerName

Lid: 1750 —- Remote Context End —-

Lid: 23354 StoreEc: 0x80070005

Lid: 25913

Lid: 21817 ROP Failure: 0x80070005

Lid: 26297

Lid: 16585 StoreEc: 0x80070005

Lid: 32441

Lid: 1706 StoreEc: 0x80070005

Lid: 24761

Lid: 20665 StoreEc: 0x80070005

Lid: 25785

Lid: 29881 StoreEc: 0x80070005

+ CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (0:Int32) [New-MoveRequest], MailboxReplicationPermanentException

+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : BC4A9AA5,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RecipientTasks.NewMoveRequest

If you read the error carefully, it clearly denotes that its

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