Recently one of the user complained about not being able to print from remote desktop session to local printer, As a first step to check the issue we validated that the local printers are getting redirected to the remote server( In my case the local PC was MacBook OS X and the remote server was Windows 2008 R2). I found the printers to be redirecting fine.

How to validated that printers are redirected

1) On the remote server go into control Panel -> Printers (this could be named differently in different OS)

2) Here one should see the list of all the printers installed on the remote server

3) You should be able to see the printers connected/installed on your local PC here as well and they will say redirected in bracket.

So here, I was able to see all the redirected printers here (I had multiple printers installed on my local Mac), Incase you do not see the redirected printers here, then please follow our Troubleshooting Printer Redirection article Here

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