Following Office 365 helper script to find users with specific license pack, helps you list users with a specific license pack. You need to replace the tenant:licensepack in the script with the actual SKU in your tenant.

Before Executing the script, please connect to Microsoft Online PowerShell, instructions provided here

#Create a file on user’s desktop with current date and time


$outFile=$filepath -f (Get-Date)

#Write files to disk

Out-File -FilePath $outFile -InputObject $header

#Following Cmdlet help you find the names of Licence pack already subscribed by your tenant


#Set a variable with the license pack you want to find

$accountSKU = “tenant:licensepack”

#Get users

$userList = Get-MsolUser -all

foreach ($i in $userList){

if ($i.Licenses.AccountSkuID -like $accountSKU )


Out-File -FilePath $outFileLicensed -Append -NoClobber -InputObject $lineOut

Write-Host $i.UserPrincipalName ” is licensed with ” $accountSKU



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