In Part 1 of this series we have already discussed the evolution of NK2 to AutoSuggest and then to Auto Complete streaming files. If you haven’t read it, I would recommend reading that, As the terminology used in this article would make more sense then. Anyways, As I mentioned in Part 1 that An user complained that the autocomplete history of her Outlook 2013 get washed off every now and then. i.e. it last not more than two days, as always my first assumption was that the user is confused 🙂 but when I checkout her PC and had a look at the autocomplete streaming files, I had to agree to the user, check out the image below.

Image of multiple streaming files

Notice the numerous autocomplete streaming files created for a single outlook profile

Notice the numerous autocomplete streaming files created for a single outlook profile

The numerous autocomplete files makes it evident that AutoComplete files is getting changed/replaced repeatedly hence the user is loosing her outlook autocomplete information.

So to troubleshoot this issue we followed multiple steps and while researching around we did found a lot of useful information about how to troubleshoot AutoComplete issues.

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