Clean Install Mac OS X on MacBookPro: I have owned Mac Book Pro 2011 since almost 3 years now and its pretty much a work horse. With time it has gotten faster and faster ( Sarcastically) , hence decided to clean install it with OS X.  Sharing as I am learning.


Please remember that you are doing a format and reinstall of OS, so the data will be completely wiped.  You should backup your Data on an external drive before proceeding,  How I did the backup

1) Picture : Assuming all your pictures are in Iphoto, just open Finder -> Pictures and copy the Iphoto library on an external drive

2) Itunes : Follow the article  Backup Itunes to External drive.  this basically tells you to copy the Itunes folder under Finder->Music to external drive, after ensuring that your music is actually there

3) Data : Copy data from  Documents, Desktop, downloads and other respective folders and save it on external drive

Lets get started 

  • Download Mac OS X operating system from App store, you can use the link below

Download OS X 

  • By the time its downloading lets prepare the a USB drive to be made OS X startup drive

PS: This drive will be completely formatted, so ensure that you do not have any important data on it

          a) Insert the USB pen drive ( have to be over 8 GB in size) in your                    Mac

          b) Open disk utility and select the drive

          c) Choose the “Partition” tab, select “1 Partition” from the Partition Layout menu, then click “Options” and choose “GUID Partition Table” then “OK”

USB Guid Partition

          d)Choose “Apply”, wait for the disk to get ready

  • Launch Terminal ( You can find it from spotlight, the search on right hand side top corner of your mac next to Time and UserName)

Lauch Terminal

  • Copy the command below and type it exactly the same way in your terminal window

sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ –volume /Volumes/HP V250w–applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ –nointeract

Command to be typed in terminal

If you notice in screenshot above I initially partitioned the disk with a space in name and it gave the error, I had to partition it again with label “untitled” (no space) to make it work

Once you get the command right, Just sit back and relax

It takes a while to get all OS files copied to the drive

Installer Copying Maveric files to Disk

completed Boot Disk Creation

Once process is completed , open the finder window and you will see the disk labeled as “Install OS X Mavericks”

Maverick Bootable disk in Finder

PS: It took me approx 45 mins to complete the above process

Thats it , your disk is ready and you are good to reboot your Mac for fresh install of OS

Time to boot from Maverick install drive and fresh install the OS

  1. Plug the drive in your Mac and restart it
  2. Hold down the option key of the mac to bring up the startup disk menu
  3. Select the Install OS X Mavericks media to boot from the installer volume, USB usually show up with a orange icon
  4. This will boot directly to Maveric installer from where we have an option to upgrade or Fresh install the OS
  5. This install is totally automated and usually take up to 90 mins but again depends on your processor power and Ram

Following are some more screen shot which I took from my Iphone while the Mac was being installed.

Select Orange Icon here

Select Orange Icon here


Select Install OS X here

Select Install OS X here

Click Continue

Click Continue


OS X Install process

OS X install Process

Welcome screen after OS X install

Welcome screen after OS X install


Here onwards, its all those questions which you answered when you first bought your dear Mac, enjoy the nostalgic feeling again 🙂

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