Recently I had to install DPM on one of the server which was in work group. I had hardtime setting it up, so decided to share my steps here

1) Install the DPM agent on the PC by following procedure
    <\\DpmServerName\c$\Program Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\ProtectionAgents\RA\3.0.7696.0\i386> a

And Install

DPMAgentInstaller_x86.exe ——–>> 32 Bit

DPMAgentInstaller_x64.exe——–>>64 Bit


2) open command prompt on client computer and browse to following directory on command prompt (Path may differ, use your common sense), also make sure Cmd prompt is open with Admin access (right click Run as admin)

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\bin>SetDpmServer.exe -dpm

servername Hyperv4 -isnondomainserver -username DPM

Make sure that this computer is not part of a perimeter network. DPM does not support protection of computers on a perimeter network.

Enter the password for ‘DPM’ to connect to ‘Hyperv4’:

Retype the password to confirm:

Enter the password for ‘DPM’ to connect to ‘Hyperv4’:

Configuring dpm server settings and firewall settings for dpm server =[Hyperv4]

completed successfully!!!

3) Go back to DPM server and open DPM snap in. if the agent is already installed, refresh it and wait to connect, it does then all is well

4) If connect still failed and then click on “install agent” on right hand action menu, follow the prompts to Attach agent , provide host name for workgroup client computer, username we created in step2 and password for same, attach the agent.  This time it should get connected

5) If it still fails then disable the firewall on the client computer completely by going into control Panel -> firewall-> turn off all three profiles

6) Try the step 4 again, you should be good to go now, unless you have some other network or fire wall issue

Hope it helps

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