Information Technology or IT is a vast sea of knowledge, We all work in different fields or sub fields or Sub Fields. It’s almost impossible for some one to know everything, Hence we search on our favourite Google.

I believe if we all could take some time out sharing the issues we face and the solutions we implement, then we can hugely help each other and as in whole save loads of time.

Grishbi is our efforts in that direction, for now we are just going to share what we know , not loads of preaching  or hell lot of technical jargons (there will be some) rather simple problems and their solutions. It’s an initiative to provide technical assistance for Windows 7, Windows 8, Server 2008, Server 2012, Office 365, and other related day-to-day issues.

Grishbi is a subsidiary of Pledge Technologies. Pledge Tech is in a business of provide IT support to various SMB’s across the globe. If there is any Microsoft Server or Network issue which you are unable fix then you are most welcome to reach out to Pledge Tech for support. We have various Support Plans to suit all needs.

Hope it will be helpful !!!