Windows 10 (Codename Threshold)  is just on the verge of Stepping into the worlds. It is coming on july 29 and is bringing a lot of goodies with it.  After window 8 was released, the microsoft crew started working on Threshold and has undoubtedly proved ” How Things Get done”.  Many new Features are added to make Windows 10 a hit. lets have a look on some features of Threshold.


  Start Button is back in action

Microsoft was so much focused on introducing the live tiles that it replaces its Basic layout of the windows which results in reduced functionality

Removing the start button in windows 8 could be called a mistake from Microsoft.But now as the start button is back and is turbocharged with new improvements in it. It is like the old one but with the presence of live tiles. We can search app and can pin apps, websites and contacts easily on start menu…



Is Windows 10 costly???

Price for windows 10 is unconfirmed, but it is heard that it will be free for 1 year for the existing windows 7 or Windows 8 users. It has been said that Microsoft will revert to the traditional one-off license fee model soon. But Good news is that windows 10 users will receive free updates for the lifetime for their devices, confirmed by Microsoft.


Cortana- your new assistant.

Everyone, please welcome your clever new personal assistant, Cortana…. Finally now you have someone who will be at your service 24×7. She can search the web, find things on your PC, keep track of your calendar—even tell you jokes. Cortana will be preinstalled in Window 10 and will provide specific answers to your questions. Cortana’s Notebook is where she keeps track of what you like and what you want her to do. Use it to tell Cortana about your interests, favorite places, and the “quiet hours” when you don’t want to be disturbed. The Cortana’s notebook can also be accessed by the users to add or remove information from Cortana.


“Using Cortana with reminders is AMAZING!” 


Microsoft Edge- your new browser.

Here is the newest and the quickest way to surf the web. Windows 10 comes with the installed Microsoft Edge that is built to provide a better web experience, in which search is faster in the address bar. HUB is a place where you can view your favorites, reading list, browsing history and current downloads and a great speed.

Web note is a feature that allows you to take notes, writes and highlight directly on the web page and can also be shared with you colleagues. So star adding to the page you are on.



Say no to Passwords…..

Microsoft has confirmed Windows 10 will support the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standard. This means users will be able to sign into commonly used apps like Outlook using a variety of biometric tools from fingerprint readers to retina scanners

“With Windows 10, for the very first time Windows devices and Microsoft-owned and partner SaaS services supported by Azure Active Directory authentication can be accessed end-to-end using an enterprise-grade two-factor authentication solution – all without a password.”

scan man's eye for identification


Windows 10 in your phones too

Microsoft will launch a special version of Windows 10 for Smartphones whis resembles to the PC. Common apps like Outlook, Office365, skype and Other IM services will be integrated.



Task View Redefined-

We will see a new task view in Windows 10, so users could switch between desktops with minimal trouble. This step was taken by Microsoft after realizing that only Novice users uses the taskbar whereas Expert users switch between tasks by using Windows key+ tab, Ctrl+ tab.



Windows 10 interface will adapt via Continuum

Windows8 suffered because Microsoft was very eager to push the “Touch First”. The primary input devices like Keyboard and mouse suffered because of this, but this will be solved with Windows 10.
Please welcome, CONTINUUM. This feature will allow windows 10 to adapt based on the hardware installed in your system.

Lets say you are working in a 2-in-1 hybrid like the Surface, you’ll be met with the standard desktop while the Type Cover keyboard is connected. However, when you detach the keyboard the OS will detect this and prompt you to switch over to tablet mode.


Kick the virtual win, Win. 10 provides Multiple Desktops

Now like the Apple’s OS X and Linux’s Ubuntu, Windows has also introduced a feature that was so much required by power users, here comes the Multiple Desktop in Windows 10.This Feature will provide more than one desktop on a system to work. Now with its presence we don’t have to search for the third party softwares like Virtual Win or many more. This will be very much helpful to users who have to work on many projects simultaneously.


Customizable App Store

App Store in Windows 8 was always Full screen, because it was optimized for the Tablet devices type and not for the desktop Version. But window 10 is providing a customizable app store which will work for all kinds of PC’s. App store will be in the same format as our desktop programs are. It also has tittle bar i.e. Minimize, Maximize and close button. Larger Companies will be able to customize the app store for employees with the ability to include selected public apps alongside in-house apps.

Flexible security updates

Updates will be available as soon as they are ready and will be provided on the monthly basis. Microsoft is also allowing Businesses to Opt-In to a fast paced cycle as well…

It is also allowing business groups to lock-down mission critical apps and segment user groups to deliver updates in a more flexible way.


Multitasking at full throttle

With the Presence of new task view and multiple desktops, Multitasking will be done at a coolest and easiest level. And with the introduction of quadrant layout, 4 apps can be snapped on the same screen. With the new layout, you can see windows laid out side by side and program can be easily selected on which work has to be done.


“This Windows is definitely the best Windows so far.” 


Shortcut keys in CMD prompt…

Command Prompt is welcomed into the 21st Century where number of keyboard shortcut keys can be used easily. Unlike in earlier Versions of Windows, Windows 10 has advanced functionalities in the Command Line Interface and it is way easy to use. Just select the command, press ctrl+c or ctrl+ v, Press enter and Viola we are done. Isn’t this great.   

cmd prompt

Built in Office-  Windows 10 comes with the built in Office which includes- MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel. So no more trouble in buying a new version of Office with windows. Microsoft is providing it to us in FREE.



With inspired features from Mac and Ubuntu, also correcting its mistakes from the past, looks like MS is all set to bring another awesome Client Operating system, it sounds amazing, lets wait for the actual release to get our hands dirty with it.Till then stay tuned and as always feel free to report any new issue you want to seek help with at our forum.

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