This article will help you with the step-by-step procedure on how to sync email subfolders on iPhone and iPad. By default, iPhone & iPad only syncs the Inbox. However, what if you wan to sync  subfolder/s. You’re told to check the setting “Mail Folders to Push” to synchronize the subfolders. I checked a number of articles, and all wanted me to check the same settings “Mail Folders to Push” on the iPhone which I could not find. Now, that a concern, you are told to perform a step and you can’t find it on your iPhone. No, your iPhone and iPad is fine, its just that the settings is no longer available in iOS 7 and iOS 8. So, I started to pay more attention to the setting on my phone, and viola, I found it.

Who really needs to do it?? Usually people who has rules in their Outlook to move emails from someone to a specific folder or subfolder. I’ve recently configured a number of Outlook rules to better manage my Inbox. However, that affected by ability to get emails on iPhone. So, I ended up with this article.

Before you begin, note that if you sync too many subfolders, it might slow down your device. So, choose wisely, and select folders for which you don’t want to miss any email.

Here is how you do it:

1. Go to Settings, than Mail, Contacts, Calendars

2. Scroll to bottom and tap on “Fetch New Data

3. Tap on your Exchange account you want to work on. (Note: This settings works only on Exchange/Corporate accounts that can sync emails via Push method)

4. Under Pushed Mailboxes, check the Folders and Subfolders you want to sync to your iPhone or iPad.

5. You are now done, the mails within your subfolders are now available to you iPhone & iPad. You’ll also receive a notification of the new email on phone, when it redirected to any of the synced subfolders.

Feel free to reply with your comments, or questions.

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