A Client recently reported that they are unable to send outbound emails off their Exchange 201o server, We checked the server and found all the services running and databases mounted just fine.  Also validated queues to find that the messages which we are sending are also not getting stuck in the outbound queue.

Upon further testing we found that what ever messages we are sending out (I tested from OWA) they get stuck in the drafts folder.

I researched on the issue and found some articles suggesting the issue can happen if we use SysPreped image to set up the exchange Server and duplicate SID of the server is causing the issue.  But we didn’t have any cloned machine, so duplicate SID couldn’t have been the concern.

We troubleshot the issue further and found that there were some non-existent Exchange Servers in the environment, we performed following action to resolve the issue

1) Deleted all the non existed Exchange Servers and Mailbox databases from AdsiEdit, Refer here to check out the procedure

2) Deleted the stale offline address book being generated from non-existent server and created a new sourcing from current server

3) Pointed all the mailbox databases (From Database Properties) to the correct and current Public folder database and OAB.

We Rebooted the exchange server after performing these activities and the mails started to flow just fine.  Hope this article resolves your issue at hand.

Feel free to start a new thread on our forum to seek expert help for new issues.

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