We recently did a migration from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013, after moving the mailboxes to Exchange 2013 we realised that we are Unable to apply Retention Policy on Exchange 2013 for migrated mailboxes. Further investigation revealed that if MRM1.0 (Messaging Records Management) policy was applied on mailboxes while on Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2007 than the old policy will prevent MRM2.0 policy from getting applied once the mailboxes are migrated to Exchange 2013.

Read more about MRM here


We have a couple of solutions to fix this issue

1) Move the problem mailbox back to Exchange 2010 or 2007 and remove the MRM 1.0 policy from the mailboxes using the following cmdlet

 Set-Mailbox -Identity -RemoveManagedFolderAndPolicy

Once the MRM policy is removed than move the mailbox back to Exchange 2013 and than apply the new MRM 2.0
2) The second solution we have is a little more technical but also very practical. When an MRM policy is applied on a user than user attribute “MsExchMailboxTemplateLink’ is updated with the distinguishedName of the Managed folder mailbox policy. And this attribute remains populated even when the mailbox/user is migrated to Exchange 2013.  So the solution is to access the problem user via adsiedit.msc and clear this attribute there. Once it is cleared than we should be able to apply the MRM 2.0 policy without any concern.

If we do not want to move the user back to Exchange 2007 then in that case we can follow the below step.

If the user is applied to any MRM 1.0 policy in Exchange 2007 then the attribute ‘MsExchMailboxTemplateLink’ is  populated with the distinguishedName of the Managed folder mailbox policy. Then later if that user is migrated to Exchange 2013 than this attribute value will be still  lingering and we can try manually clearing this attribute from adsiedit.msc and then apply the MRM 2.0 policy.

 For bulk modification of users one can always use tools such as ADModify 

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