One of our windows 2008 Data Center edition server used to get hung every couple of days and the only solution was to reboot the server. We did a debug analysis and found dead lock in SRTSP.sys

kd> lmivm SRTSP
start    end        module name
bab92000 babdc000   SRTSP      (no symbols)           
    Symbol file: SRTSP.SYS
    Image path: \SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\SRTSP.SYS
    Image name: SRTSP.SYS
    Timestamp:        Mon Nov 13 19:20:28 2012

kd> kp 1000
ChildEBP RetAddr  
f78caa20 808308a9 nt!KiSwapContext(void)+0x25 
f78caa38 80828950 nt!KiSwapThread(struct _KTHREAD * OldThread = 0x00000000, struct _KPRCB * CurrentPrcb = 0x00000000)+0x83 
f78caa7c f72426c8 nt!KeWaitForSingleObject(void * Object = 0xf78caaa4, _KWAIT_REASON WaitReason = WrPushLock (0n28), char WaitMode = 0n0 ”, unsigned char Alertable = 0x00 ”, union _LARGE_INTEGER * Timeout = 0x00000000)+0x2e0 
f78caac8 f723faaa fltmgr!FltpExfAcquirePushLockExclusive(struct _EX_PUSH_LOCK * PushLock = 0x00000000)+0x78 
f78caad0 baba80d2 fltmgr!FltAcquirePushLockExclusive(struct _EX_PUSH_LOCK * PushLock = 0xbab9ef6c)+0x20 
f78caae0 f723cbae SRTSP+0x160d2 <<< here is the faulting driver
f78caaf8 f723cd15 fltmgr!DoFreeContext(struct _CONTEXT_NODE * CtxNode = 0x89109128)+0x20 
f78cab08 f7248b02 fltmgr!DoReleaseContext(struct _CONTEXT_NODE * CtxNode = 0x89109128)+0x25 
f78cab20 f7253c15 fltmgr!FltpDeleteContextList(struct _CONTEXT_LIST_CTRL * CtxList = 0x893ac880, struct _ERESOURCE * CtxLock = 0x893ac848, void * Key1 = 0xffffffff, void * Key2 = 0xffffffff)+0x7c 
f78cab40 f7253e5f fltmgr!CleanupStreamListCtrl(struct _STREAM_LIST_CTRL * StreamList = 0x893ac820)+0x1b 
f78cab58 808ddc76 fltmgr!DeleteStreamListCtrlCallback(void * Context = 0x893ac824)+0x61


To resolve the issue we uninstalled Symantec antivirus and dependent services off this server.

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