Ever wondered how to import the contacts from Outlook or Probably already available  in CSV format into Exchange 2010 GAL or Global address list. Well the procedure is quite simple, Please note the following procedure.

Steps to Import CSV into Global Address List

A) Export all the contacts from Outlook to CSV sheet

Go to File tab.–> Options –> Advanced –> Export, click Export –>  Export to a file, select format CSV.

B)   Import the Exported contacts to Global Address List

  • Save Exported file in location “C:\Contacts.csv”
  • Run this command from EMS:

Import-csv C:\Contacts.csv | foreach {new-mailcontact -name $_.”First Name” -externalemailaddress $_.”E-mail Address”;set-contact -identity $_.”First Name” -office $_.office -department $_.department -company $_.company -FirstName $_.”First Name” -LastName $_.”Last Name” -City $_.”Business City” -State $_.”Business State” -PostalCode $_.”Business Postal Code” -Phone $_.”Business Phone” -Mobile $_.”Mobile Phone”}

PS: Some of the values like Mobile Phone and Country Name cannot be imported with this command

Feel free to reach out to us for more support options here

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