This article will explain how to retrieve info about the active and also identify inactive mailbox on the Office 365 Portal. Unfortunately, this is no PowerShell command to get this info, or to find who’s logging in actively to their mailbox. Microsoft did come up with a way to fetch a report of the inactive users. Here is how:

  • Login to Office 365 Portal using an Admin Account (
  • On the Left Pane, click on REPORTS, than under mail click on Active and inactive mailboxes (As shown in Picture below)

Report Inactive User

  • On the next page that opens, you’ll be able to see all you need. If you click on Bar visible with the count of users (None visible in the picture as I don’t have any inactive user in my account), you’ll see the list of Display Name, Last Login Date, and Inactive Days.

Report Inactive User Details

  • You cannot sort this info on the page. Although you can export the results in a CSV File, and further analyze the info you need.

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