Time on the domain client PC’s is off by 4 mins

Checked the Domain controller and Found its clock is off by 4 mins as well
Checked the Registry of the DC and Checked “Type” value at following location


found it to be configured NT5DS for domain Hierarchy time
Although its correct but still went ahead and made it authoritative time server by changing Type to NTP from NT5DS
Change the NTP server value to,0x1
Restarted the windows time service and executed the command
w32tm /resync /rediscover

I found that the time fixes for a second but again goes back off by 4 mins
Followed following Microsoft article and fixed the values for AnnounceFlag to 5, MaxNegPhaseCorrection and MaxPosPhaseCorrection to 3600

Force synced the time again but still the time is off
Researched further on the issue and realised that its a virtual Hyper V server, and its possible that it might be taking time from the Host Server
Went to the host server and did find its time same as DC i.e. off by 4 mins
Fixed the time on the Hyper V host and found that it fixed the DC as well
Still went ahead and disable the time sync from Hyper V host to Hyper V virtual server as below
Open Hyper V console-> Go to settings of Hyper V virtual server->under Management->Integration services->Uncheck “Time Synchronisation”
Time on the DC is OK now


Found that the Virtual DC was able to sync time from External source but it was getting overridden from the Hyper V host time sync

Disabled the Time Synchronisation by going into hyper V integration services

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