Problem: Replace Toner cartridge message on Brother printer MFC-7860 DW, Printer stopped printing

Solution 1: Following is a hack to reset the cartridge so that after you refilled it

Working hack for an MFC 7860DW
1) Open front cover
2) Press and release “CLEAR” button
3) Message “Reset drum” appears on display with options 1 (Yes) or 2 (No).
4) Enter following combination : *12
5) On display appears “accepted”
6) Close cover and problem is solved.

Solution 2: This is a standard procedure to be enabled on Brother USA site

Problem: Replace toner message and your brother printer has stopped printing

Solution: Enable continuous mode

What is Brother MFC continuous mode ?

The print life of Brother toner cartridges is based upon their ability to continue to achieve guaranteed print quality. As the toner cartridge is used, the supply of available toner is consumed and the functional components become physically worn. The LED indication to replace toner cartridge flashes when the supply of toner and/or material deterioration reach a level at which the print quality can no longer be guaranteed.

You can continue printing with the toner cartridge beyond its estimated print life by enabling “Continue Mode”.

How to enable Continuous Mode ?

Press the GO button 7 times (quickly). All of the LEDs should flash twice, and the Ready LED should turn on. Continue mode is now enabled.

To disable Continue Mode, please follow the steps below:

Press the GO button 7 times (quickly). All of the LEDs should flash once. Continue mode is now disabled.


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